1. Drareg

    Coronagate Documentary

    I found this documentary to be very interesting, it touches on some people around the coronavirus we haven't heard much off in the usual conspiracy circles, its worth viewing, as usual it could be another information decoy, the tidbits in here a very interesting though. I felt the other...
  2. H

    Italy extends COVID vaccine mandate to everyone over 50
  3. haidut

    Italy admits 97%+ of COVID-19 deaths were not *FROM* the virus

    There you have it - once the definition of a "COVID-19 death" is changed from "died with COVID-19" to "died from COVID-19", more than 97% of the officially reported COVID-19 deaths disappear, at least in Italy. In the US, the situation is quite similar, as per official CDC stats - i.e. only ~6%...
  4. Drareg

    China’s belt road initiative- Italy

    China are looking to colonize the world it seems with their belt road initiative, Israel and Russia are big players here also. The gist of it is basically the ruling class dream, a panopticon of control, it seems the ruling class globally want this, the world economic forums great retard fest...
  5. J

    The Reason Behind Coronavirus Deaths In Italy

    So I'm an Italian currently following lots of streams of information about the virus since TOO MANY things are really strange at the moment. Well, I came after something really big. This guy in the video (unfortunately it is in Italian) is looking for answers and he is in contact with a med...
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