1. Limon9

    Falcarinol (Carrot) Is Protective Against Endotoxin (LPS)

    Anyone familiar with Dr. Peat's writings about carbon monoxide should stop and consider the effect on heme-oxygenase here. By acting as cytotoxins, plant compounds have numerous and ostensibly conflicting effects, even if the net effect is beneficial. The results of this study are positive, and...
  2. C

    Memantine immunosuppression

    Hi everyone, I have been prescribed memantine for ADHD and, for the most part, I really like it. However, there's one extremely disruptive side effect, namely that I get sick every couple weeks whenever I take it. Apparently, it "causes a profound depletion of CD45RO+ T-cells" in vitro...
  3. Hans

    Why Omega 3 should be avoided and what to use/do instead

    Since there are so many discussions and confusion on this forum around omega 3s, I thought I do a deep dive and write this article. If there are so many studies showing that it's good and has so many benefits, how can it be bad...
  4. haidut

    Suppressed Immunity, Not Viruses (HPV), May Be The Cause Of (skin) Cancer

    Recently, I posted some threads in regards to immunosuppression and cancer. Here are two that provide a good overview and tie together the immunosuppressive effects of PUFA, estrogen, and cortisol with the protective effects of vitamin A, E, D, progesterone, etc. PUFA Are Immunosuppressive...
  5. haidut

    Cancer Transmitted By Organ Transplant, Curable If Immune System Is Intact

    This is a fascinating study that shows organ donation from a person with undiagnosed breast cancer resulted in cancer developing in the organ recipients. This suggests that even in the case of localized tumors, the rest of the body is already in "cancer mode" and seemingly healthy...
  6. haidut

    Stress From Cancer Diagnosis Suppresses Immune System And Worsens Outcome

    A recent study posted on the forum found that more than 20% of newly diagnosed cancer patients experience PTSD as a result of the stress associated with the diagnosis. The fact that PTSD is still largely considered a genetically-driven disease has somehow managed to escape question about this...
  7. achillea

    Vitamin D Is An Immunosupressive Hormone (Marshall Protocol)

  8. S

    Immunosuppressive Substances

    Ray talks a lot about pufa being immunosuppressive. I also remember him talking about the dangers of opiates because of their immunosuppressive action. With my limited understanding of human biology it seems like a slight immunosuppression could be very helpful in the short term for autoimmune...