1. S

    Gluten free diet modulates my constipation and ED

    I randomly decided to not eat any wheat. Noticed nothing that day. The next day: No morning grog Morning wood (unusual for me) No daytime sleepiness Pooped 3 times that day Only had to wipe 2 or 3 times Erections are Enzyte-tier and on time My scrotum now hangs my balls. (My scrotum normally...
  2. AbundantLifeCor

    Liver Flush: My Experience & Addressing Skeptics

    I am a believer in this and it's not hard to find positive testimonies of its benefits (ie on facebook groups). However, if you research it, you will get lots of skepticism. Mainstream claims that the flush mixture you are putting in is simply the liver/gallbladder “soapstones” you are getting...
  3. michael94

    Liver "Gallstones" Explained And Proven

    In this paper the topic of intra-hepatic gallstones is investigated. I recommend reading the underlined portions. Liver Flush Truth: Intrahepatic Stones : A Clinical Study
  4. H

    Coffee And Gallstones

    In a large study conducted by Harvard University tracking of over 80,000 women, it was found that regular coffee intake reduced gallstone formation.The researchers correlated daily coffee consumption with incidence of gallbladder surgery due to stones: with increasing coffee consumption...
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