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  1. J

    Honey And Dairy Kill Libido And Ability To Get Erection

    Any idea why? Carbs from starch or fruits don't do it. I have to mention that the honey is raw (all honey in Germany is), and I was fairly allergic to pollen honey (clogged nose) so I switched to forest honey(?), which seemed to make the reaction go away, but it still killed my libido. Dairy...
  2. D

    Medicinal, Nutritional Value Of Citrus Skins

    I frequently cook with the skins/rinds of lemons & limes as well as grapefruit, atop of broiled fish, and in rice/lental dishes. Do these skins have any good health value? The oil in them is highly flammable if you squeeze them over a match.
  3. gilson dantas

    Guava And Cancer

    Guava contains an effective aromatase inhibitor, apigenin, according to R Peat; on the other hand, I read, other day, that guava leaf juice can be used in the treatment of prostate tumor; any of you know anything about it?