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female fertility

  1. I

    Daily THC edibles shrink testes and reduce sperm count in monkeys

    https://news.ohsu.edu/2022/01/25/chronic-marijuana-use-negatively-impacts-male-reproductive-health-may-decrease-testicular-function “Our analysis of the collected samples found that THC use was associated with significant adverse impacts to the animals’ reproductive hormones, including...
  2. Ilona K.

    HCG for Female Fertility + progesterone supplementation+ Nail test from IdeaLabs

    I am working with a Napro Technology Doctor for female fertility early to mid- 30's age. I have tried HCG shots from the brand Pregnyl with the goal of helping the follicle mature, rupture and release an egg and raise the progesterone and estrogen for that cycle. This was done before I knew...
  3. R

    Progest-e dosage; fibroids, polyps, period irregularity Halp!😩🙏🏼

    Hi all! Returning here in hopes I may get a little insight on how to dose Progest-e for ongoing estrogen issues—fibroids, polyps, breakthrough bleeding and short/irregular periods. I have experimented on both NDT (Tyromax) and Progest-e on and off—currently taking a grain of NDT and the...
  4. P

    Pre-Wedding Diet

    Hello! I would love any help please. I am an Orthodox Christian and currently we are in Lent which means we cannot eat animal products till 4/24. Soon after that I'll be getting married on 5/15 and we do not plan on using any kind of contraception. So I wanted to know in the 3 weeks before my...