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  1. T

    Pics: Does this look like hormone-fueled fat distribution / cortisol / insulin, or do I just need to lose a stone?

    So I've been on here a while, and I've been living a life inspired by Peat's work for many years. I avoid PUFA like plague, don't starve myself of carbs, try my damndest to hit my micros etc. and I generally dip in and out of the forum so as not to drive myself crazy! To recap to date, I've...
  2. Outdoctrination

    Starch weight gain?

    I've noticed I've gained 15-20 lbs since incorporating potatoes with coconut oil into my diet daily. Have you guys experienced weight gain on starch as well? Or is it a product of just including more fat in the diet?
  3. Hans

    The high sugar model did not prove to be a good model of obesity

    Excess sugar consumption doesn't necessarily make you fat, if you have sufficient nutrients to use the carbs. "but the daily caloric intake was higher in the HS group in relation to the C and HFHS groups (HS: 92 ± 2.0 vs. C: 79.2 ± 2.6 and HFHS: 77.3 ± 1.7 kcal/day, p < 0.05)." And yet...
  4. Re.Generate

    Fat Loss, PUFA, Estrogen Detox And Increased Metabolism

    So dear all - questions questions questions....theories theories theories....don't we all just love em!!! Would really appreciate any help and input here from any and all who find the topics around Peat, Fat gain, and metabolism interesting. A bit of background. I come from a varied past of...
  5. Koveras

    Aldosterone Causes Fat Gain, Sodium May Prevent It

    In confirmation of what @haidut said here Salt Prevents Weight Gain On High Fat Diet These researchers have shown that blocking Aldosterone, in this case with a receptor blocker, prevents fat gain on a high fat diet. The same effect of reducing aldosterone signalling, may be achievable more...
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