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cyber attack

  1. Mauritio

    EU to Stage Large-Scale Cyberattack Simulation on Supply Chains- This Week

    First the simulated cyber attack on banks by IMF, now this. I know some believe it's all not going to happen. But in my opinion this means we're getting closer to the very thing that they're simulating (planning?). And it seems Russia might have to play the bad guy this time. "European...
  2. Drareg

    Israel and the coming cyber attack on banks

    @Mauritio first posted this link in another thread, let’s start a thread here because it looks like this is how they will justify another market collapse and bailout, possibly a new financial system with CBDC’s , I bet the the 300 trillion in debt will effected by the hack attack also, as in not...
  3. F

    What would be the key outcomes of a "cyber attack"?

    With the "pandemic," we know the key outcomes: - massive transfer of wealth - destruction of large percentage of small businesses - increased dependence on digital technology - vaccination However I have no clue what the key outcomes would be of a "cyber attack." Does anyone have any ideas...
  4. jay123

    Cyber Polygon-the Next 9/11 Event?

    This event happened on July 8th 2020. It was held by the World Economic Forum. Basically it is a cyberterror event that wipes out power grids, banking, and communications around the world. It would have devastating consequences. Notice in the video the words "The Great Reset" with the world...