1. Peatful

    Conspiracy or Fact? Purple LED Streetlights coming to a town near you.

    Have you seen them? Do you know why? What are they for? I posted about this over a year ago. We had them here in a large US southern city. They are now all out in our suburbs. Everywhere. Who out there has seen these? What are they doing with them? What function will they serve? Put...
  2. Grapelander

    5 Core Techniques Of Brainwashing

    5 Core Techniques of Brainwashing 1. Isolation 2. Control 3. Uncertainty 4. Repetition & 5. Emotion
  3. haidut

    The World Might Actually Run Out Of People

    As many of my readers know, the mantra of overpopulation has been the driving force behind countless political initiatives, usually related to draconian austerity. You see, according to most of the imbeciles we have put in office all over the world's governments, the world's population is...
  4. haidut

    Blood Sugar Is Controlled Mostly By The Brain, Not Pancreas

    Ray wrote in one of his articles that pancreatic insulin is responsible for no more than 20% of glycemic control. While he mentioned potassium as the major factor, he also said that it is the brain that ultimately controls the levels of sugar in the blood. This study from Yale seems to confirm...