1. Mauritio

    It's not just the glycine! Pro-metabolic peptides in gelatin.

    Many people commonly attribute gelatin's anti-inflammatory effects solely to the amino acid glycine, and perhaps also to proline or hydroxyproline. However, it appears that gelatin/collagen contains intriguing peptides with a multitude of unique benefits. This supports the idea of favoring...
  2. cs3000

    Bromelain increases tendon healing, enhances tenocytes

    Bromelain is found in pineapple juice or stem. looks like a nice substance for significantly reducing inflammation, improving gut health, potentially bettering cancer outcomes, blood thinning, & tendon healing. It improves tendon injury healing through stimulating tenoblasts proliferation...
  3. JazTee

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Help?

    Hi all, I recently posted a thread here: (Feeling Terrible at 22) where I basically listed all my symptoms and recieved some amazing advice for my metabolism, overall dietary health etc. I suggest reading this post first to get an insight into my lifestyle and health. (TL-DR; I basically...
  4. wealthofwisdom

    Is Collagen As Good As Gelatin?

    I asked this in a previous thread, but I didn't get a definitive answer. I have multiple containers of Collagen. Like this: Shop Online, Shopping List, Digital Coupons | Sprouts Farmers Market Would this have all of the same nutritional benefits as Gelatin (that I read about a lot on this...
  5. haidut

    Just One (1) Tablespoon Of Gelatin Daily Is Enough To Improve Joint Health

    A human study, and as such very relevant. The current "kind" of joint supplements on mainstream TV is undoubtedly glucosamine. Very little evidence is available to support the claims behind this heavily advertised supplement. On the other hand, gelatin (and glycine) have over 100 years of...
  6. P

    The Metabolic Capacity For Glycine Biosynthesis Does Not Satisfy The Need For Collagen Synthesis

    A weak link in metabolism: the metabolic capacity for glycine biosynthesis does not satisfy the need for collagen synthesis. In a previous paper, we pointed out that the capability to synthesize glycine from serine is constrained by the stoichiometry of the glycine hydroxymethyltransferase...
  7. uuy8778yyi

    How Important Is Silica In The Formation Of Gelatin/collagen ?

    are gelatin/collagen the same thing ? and if so, how important is the mineral silica in their formation ?
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