cognitive dysfunction

  1. Brooks Esq.

    IV ALA HAS RUINED ME AND I HAVE A BRIEF DUE THURSDAY--Advice On How To Treat Potential Mercury Redistribution Caused By IV ALA Use?

    Hello friends, I went to a clinic that did IV ALA on me due to some mycotoxin issues I am having and it has made my cognition and focus SIGNIFICANTLY worsened to the point where I cant do any of my legal work and I am in HORRIBLE shape. This has been going on for MONTHS after the fact. I am...
  2. Sitaruîm

    Enslave Your Smartphone

    A short video I felt like making. Often times I hear rather stubborn arguments about the blight of technologies that, I believe, can be of great help rather than a blight if used properly.
  3. Brooks Esq.

    LAWYER NEEDS HELP FROM IDEALABS/PSSD CREW (victim of bio-crime needs to have his old brain restored)

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! YOUR HELP WILL (LITERALLY) HELP ME SAVE OUR NATION FROM CORPORATE CORRUPTION!!! Hello IdeaLab Users/PSSD Sufferers, I desperately need the help of those who are skilled in current scientific research of rare maladies. I am a former PSSD sufferer that was very active on this...
  4. haidut

    Down Syndrome (DS) Cognitive Handicap Is Due To (cellular) Stress, May Be Reversible

    If there is any disease that is currently considered incurable even in principles, it likely comes from the group of inherited/genetic disorders. Perhaps the most well-known one, due to rapidly rising incidence and thus publicity, is DS. Perhaps its most disabling aspect of DS is the cognitive...
  5. haidut

    The (in)famous Condition “chemo Brain” May Be Simply A State Of Low DHEA

    The condition known as “chemobrain” is notorious among cancer survivors and many other patients undergoing toxic interventions with chemotherapy and may affect up to 85% of cancer patients. It amounts to severe cognitive dysfunction, memory problems, and even personality changes that result in...
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