1. I

    Magnesium-L-threonate enhances analgesia and reduces the dosage of opioids needed in advanced cancer patients

    90 days into supplementation with magnesium, the treatment group needed only half the morphine of the placebo (no magnesium) group for pain management. Oral application of magnesium-L-threonate enhances analgesia and reduces the...
  2. Giraffe

    Analgesic Effect Of Methylene Blue

    I came accross an article written by Paul Ehrlich and Arthur Leppmann called "Über schmerzstillende Wirkung des Methylenblau." published in 1890 in the Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift. This was a couple of years before Aspirin came on the market. The researchers tested methylene blue on...
  3. schultz

    Analgesic Effects Of 1st Gen. Anti-histamines

    I wanted to share this study with you all because I found it most interesting! I believe there are already studies showing the analgesic effects of 1st gen AH's, but I thought this paper was concise and summarised the research to date. The paper mentions that this probably would have been...
  4. DaveFoster

    Ergot alkaloids block stress-induced analgesia (SIA)

    Effects of ergot alkaloids on stress-induced analgesia. Abstract Repeated, thirty minute anticipation of unavoidable painful stimulation causes endorphin-induced analgesia in rats. This type of stress-induced analgesia (SIA) develops rapidly during the first minutes of the exposure to...
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