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  1. haidut

    Colin Powell, fully vaccinated, dies from COVID-19

    Of course, the usual MSM outlets like CNN don't dare mention his vaccination status but others have picked up on it and are starting a discussion of whether his death was a clear example of ADE. @Drareg https://www.politico.com/news/2021/10/18/general-colin-powell-advance-obit-036445 "...Colin...
  2. IROM

    CDC study from 2005 shows ADES (Antibody Depedent Enhancement) was known risk for Pfizer vaccine

    From 1-3 it looks like they did a lot wrong. It wasn't broad spectrum, it didn't induce protection against infection and it included FULL LENGTH S-PROTEIN which is a major vehicle for Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Volume 11, Number 7—July 2005 SARS Vaccine Development Shibo Jiang* ...