ATP Science (Australian Health Show And Retailer). Sponsored Athlete Develops Brain Tumor

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    Feb 7, 2017
    ATP Science is an Australian health show and retailer that delivers above average content. But stuck on Pufas, fibers and more. I haven't been following the last second years..

    I just saw on Youtube that their main sponsored athlete had to step out of entering Mr.Olympia because of brain tumor. Josh Lenartowicz Undergoes Another Surgery for Brain Tumor - Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network

    I`m posting this because this was my best and closest way of living until I found Peat.
    They have an ok podcast, and I believe the founder, the naturopath, Matthew Legge was giving guidance and supplements to his athletes. He is quite open with the use of steroids and seem to be a genuinely nice guy.
    Not really sure what I want to achieve with this post, maybe just some critical exposure.

    Online Nutritional Supplement & Protein Store US - ATP Science
    Josh Lenartowicz — ATP Science

    I wish Josh all well :praying: