1. Peatful

    The Ten Goals of the Luciferian Agenda written in the 1940’s

    How do you think they are doing? TEN POINT STRATEGY FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER 1- take God and prayer out of education system 2- reduce parental authority over children 3- destroy traditional Christian family structure 4- make abortion legal and easy 5- make divorce easy and legal 6- make...
  2. haidut

    The "incel" phenomenon is likely a deliberate government policy/psyop

    It is hard to believe that the government would engage in such absurd actions, but according to the article below the US military was convinced as far back as early 20th century that sexual DIS-satisfaction was key to making men angry, aggressive and homicidal and the military designed official...
  3. Peatful

    WHO Takeover of All Sovereignty and Freedom or a Police State...

    We return again to a real threat of a police state: “...you may recall that last week I warned of both the public health declaration and the move of public health under the DOD; attached is proof of their (WHO’s) evil plans in their own words. Their view of sovereignty is that none should...
  4. Androsclerosis

    Evidence suggests US may have supported neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

  5. Peatful

    Ray Peat Interview Danny, Georgi and Ray. “WW3”. March 4th 2022

    View: https://youtu.be/LDWVtsqEOF0 Danny will add time stamps soon. Im looking forward to listening to this one.
  6. Drareg

    Bill Gates Small Pox Bioterror

    This is an open threat from Gates, he doesn’t care anymore, he is going all in, the "terrorists" will be who this time? Muslim, Iran or China? We should not be surprised if the Chinese ruling class are in bed with the global ruling class and still allow a war, they probably want depopulation...
  7. haidut

    Almost 40% Of Military Women (and Even More Military Males) Are Infertile

    I think this study should dispel some of the myths about what being "fit" really means, and that being truly healthy or "fit" often are quite divergent paths. Infertility is actually one of the most reliable indicators of poor systemic health and predictor of future chronic disease (in both...
  8. haidut

    The "War On Drugs" Was A Lie To Legitimize Attacks On Leftists And Blacks

    Don't think this will come as a surprise to the people reading this forum. My only questions is this. If the "War on Drugs" was a lie and simply a political tool for Nixon to destabilize the "enemies of the state", then what are the "War on Cancer" or "War on Dementia" waged by the same...
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