1. haidut

    Maternal Inflammation Causes Brain Damage (autism) By Raising Serotonin

    I posted several studies recently about maternal hypothyroidism and stress being linked to autism, as well as the use of serotonin antagonist to reverse autism pathology in an animal model. This study adds more weight to the serotonin-autism connection. It showed that triggering flu-like...
  2. haidut

    Depression May Be Caused By Estrogen In Females And Cortisol In Males

    A very interesting study, which points to a potential difference in the depression etiology between the sexes. However, given that cortisol is one of the strong activators of the aromatase enzyme, high cortisol also means high estrogen in males. The study openly discusses the effect of stress on...
  3. haidut

    DHT Lowers Serotonin Synthesis, May Treat (testicular) Cancer

    This is a great study for a number of reasons. 1. First, it suggests that DHT is not the evil substances for male reproductive organs. This includes prostate cancer, for which DHT to this day is cite as the main culprit. 2. Second, the study establishes the key role serotonin plays in the...