1. vrd2107

    Spironolactone for women — what are the risks?

    I understand the principles for why men wouldn’t want to take this drug, but is there any risk in taking this drug as a woman?
  2. E

    Bald Guy Regrows Hair With Birth Control Pills

    This guy is famous on hair loss forums. Long post, pics included https://twohen.neocities.org/10-years-ago-I-was-hair-loss-and-almost-bald/index.html Recently he shared his hair regrowth story using birth control pills. In a nutshell he uses Diane-35 which contains ethinyl-estradiol and...
  3. A

    Males Regrow Hair During MtF Transition - DHT Bad? Skull Growth = MPB?

    This guy's blog post brings up a really interesting topic: https://perfecthairhealth.com/trans-hormone-replacement-therapy-hair-regrowth/ In general, most hair loss theories fall short in not being able to explain differences between men and women, i.e. why don't women develop the balding...
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