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saturated fats

  1. UG Krishnamurti

    Heated saturated fats increase inflammation and lead to atherosclerosis?

    My experience so far has been that fried/heated saturated fats (coconut/butter) increase stiffness, pain and inflammation in the body. I believe that interactions is worse if there is some kind of inflammation in the body prior to ingesting the saturated fats (This is problematic to someone with...
  2. ddjd

    why does saturated fat + carbs make me fat??

    i did keto years ago before peating and i never had a problem eating so much saturated fat whilst very low carb, in fact i lost tons of weight from saturated fat ALONE, but as soon as i combine saturated fats with carbs, its a huge problem - belly bloat, sluggish liver, constantly tired. low...