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  1. JamesGatz

    Do we really need 7-8 hours of sleep ? Does low stress/faster metabolism lower the time our body's require to rest ?

    I noticed that when my health was bad or when I had a stressful job I could sleep 10 hours a day probably - I know that if I had a long day at work and only got 6 hours of sleep I would wake up very tired and with adrenaline pumping - did not feel well rested at all - I would get so tired from...
  2. F

    Too much REM sleep vs too low Deep sleep

    Hi guys, since some months I'm experiencing high REM sleep and low deep sleep. Not only anecdotal, also my tracker is confirming this, even if deep sleep seems to be within normal ranges. I have no problems in falling asleep and, while I don't get up frequently, dreams (they are not...