puffy nipples

  1. PopSocket

    Puffy nipples due to progesterone (male) Breast enlargement Need advice how to quickly reverse.

    I am on Topical Testosterone (60-90mg per day). Never before had issues with T therapy even when not controlling E, have done many cycles using different methods. Never nipple or breast issue due to high E. Decided I am going to add Progesterone as it has always been low for me and on T it gets...
  2. M

    What causes larger nipple size? (Male)

    Im curious to know if by any reason you can cause yourself to get larger nipples. Nothing crazy.. im not talking about gyno but just overall change in nipple size (soft to hard) mine are always very small & I prefer that but recently they are getting a little bigger ( i would he the only one...
  3. Giraffe

    Puffy Nipples

    I thought I would copy this post by @haidut to a new thread. It might help some to make sense of their symptoms. "The puffy nipples are not only a symptom of high estrogen. If it is only the puffy nipples then it could be a number of things involved. High progesterone can also cause puffy...
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