1. JamesGatz

    Is the thyroid the most sensitive/dangerous organ to receive a blow from ?

    I notice in a lot of these self-defense classes I have noticed they usually tell the girls especially that if they are in a scuffle with someone who wants to do them harm then to target body parts with a lot of nerves - I was doing a lot of thinking and I am actually thinking the thyroid is the...
  2. K

    Living with a vaxxed person

    Hey everyone. A member of my household is getting vaccinated on Monday. I’ve done all I can to try to discourage them, to no avail. Now, I’m redirecting my energy to myself: is shedding a thing, and am I at risk? If so, is there anything I can do or take to protect myself? I’m not sure if Peat...
  3. Tristan Loscha

    Effect Of Calcifediol (VIT D) Treatment And Best Available Therapy Versus Other On ICU + Survival

    "Effect of Calcifediol Treatment and best Available Therapy versus best Available Therapy on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: A Pilot Randomized Clinical study" Author links open overlay panelMarta EntrenasCastilloaLuis ManuelEntrenas...