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  1. Giraffe

    Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, Brussels October 2022 - Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025

    There was another agenda 201-like excercise hosted by / sponsored by European Commission, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ... This time it's a mysterious enterovirus which will first emerge in South America in 2025. One billion cases worldwide are reported and 20 million deaths, of which 15...
  2. Drareg

    Coronagate Documentary

    I found this documentary to be very interesting, it touches on some people around the coronavirus we haven't heard much off in the usual conspiracy circles, its worth viewing, as usual it could be another information decoy, the tidbits in here a very interesting though. I felt the other...
  3. Goat-e

    New Documentary on Pandemic and why it happened.

    This was released today. If you're trying to make people understand what's really going on but they're not listening this documentary might help change their minds. https://happen.network/
  4. jay123

    Covid-19 Plan In Front Of Our Eyes IMPORTANT!

    As we all see this whole thing play out in front of us and "conspiracy" is thrown around as to what is going on, the powers that may be still go ahead with the plans that they have. And usually the plan is laid out for us to see. And, of course, the Rockefeller Foundation should be "trusted" to...
  5. Energizer

    We Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone

    We Are Now Entering the Twilight Zone Australian man talks about the plandemic response in New South Wales.