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peatarian reviews (bukowski)

  1. J

    "Higher Metabolism, Temperature And Pulse And Lower TSH Associated With Higher Mortality"

    WTF is this??? Higher metabolism, temperature and pulse and lower TSH associated with higher mortality
  2. B

    Peatarian Reviews - Pointing Out Inconsistencies And Half-truths In Peat's Work

    Peatarian Reviews What do you guys think about this? I believe this Bukowski guy is a controversial character around here. :extinguishflame
  3. N

    So, Is This Carrot Salad A Legit Thing?

    Ah yes, the carrot salad. This is supposed to be good for you. I found this while searching about it: http://peatarian.com/39419/critical-rev ... ial-growth The guy (Bukowski) says it causes bacterial overgrowth. But it's supposed to do the opposite! I guess what I want to hear are you...
  4. N

    No PUFA No Cancer? Not Backed By Study Ray Cites

    http://peatarian.com/49034/critical-rev ... t-citation What do you think of it? I'm also a native German speaker and read the study now several times and indeed Ray's claim about fat-free diets preventing "spontaneous development of cancer" (which he clearly bases on this study from 1927) seems...
  5. J

    Fat-free Diets And Cancer In Rats

    The study cited is: Zeitschr. Krebsforsh. 28(1), 1-14, 1927 "Lipoids and carcinoma growth,". Bernstein, S. and Elias, H. Does anyone know where to find it? Edit: Found it http://journals.ohiolink.edu/ejc/articl ... icle=1_luc http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF02123099