pancreatic cancer

  1. Flash

    Pancreatitis — Possibly Caused By Viral Infection?

    I’m had a bad flu and then developed symptoms of Pancreatitis which I am now diagnosed. Has anyone had success in reversing pancreatitis? Would the approach be the same if it started from a viral infection?
  2. UltraSuperior

    Is There Anything That Can Be Done For Pancreatic Cancer?

    Somebody dear to me was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. First they found cystadenomas which were classed as non dangerous with the risk of degeneration initially. And in June they found a Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm. Then they did a surgical resection recently and they...
  3. haidut

    Pancreatic Cancer Driven By Bacteria/endotoxin; Antibiotics Can Prevent/treat

    I just posted a seminal study showing that possibly ALL autoimmune conditions may be caused by a chronic low-grade infection. This infection stems from a gut bacteria, which has translocated from the gut to the liver/lymphs due to compromised gut barrier and lingers there chronically thus...
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