palm oil

  1. EnergeticLeo

    Feeding PUFA muffins caused less liver fat gain than SFA muffins?? I'd be very interested in others' views on this study; the only key variable changed was PUFA (sunflower oil) vs SFA (palm oil) used in muffins fed to the subjects, and the PUFA group had...
  2. M

    Came across this study about palmitic acid being a carcinogen, very confused.

    Hi all, I recently heard @CLASH and @Hans discussing the benefits of palmitic acid. But I just stumbled upon this study showing it is a carcinogen and is very prometastatic, at least for oral and skin cancers...
  3. T

    Overfeeding Palm Oil Causes More Liver And Visceral Fat Accumulation Than Sunflower Oil ... 110017.htm Well, what you think about this one? cheers Thomas
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