oxidative phosphorylation

  1. cs3000

    CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) reduces exercise induced lactate increase

    Effects of oral coenzyme Q10 on preventing the accumulation of lactic acid developing during the exercise performances of endurance skiing athletes CoQ10 levels are often reduced in people who do a lot of exercise, people who take statins. 300mg+ may interfere with exercise adaptation. but...
  2. Brooks Esq.

    LAWYER NEEDS HELP FROM IDEALABS/PSSD CREW (victim of bio-crime needs to have his old brain restored)

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! YOUR HELP WILL (LITERALLY) HELP ME SAVE OUR NATION FROM CORPORATE CORRUPTION!!! Hello IdeaLab Users/PSSD Sufferers, I desperately need the help of those who are skilled in current scientific research of rare maladies. I am a former PSSD sufferer that was very active on this...
  3. haidut

    Mitochondria (energy) As The Main Driver Of Health, Intelligence, And Aging

    We are finally starting to see Peat enter the mainstream and article like the one below are calling for a complete review of what we know about health and aging and how intelligence is tied to them. As the authors says, or actually borrows from Peat, there is solid evidence that mitochondrial...
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