1. Peachy

    Neuropathy? Looking for thoughts/ideas

    My brother is having some mysterious health issues. His right arm and leg lose functionality with moderate use. It’s not painful. He describes it as numb or seizing up. He works on the computer and plays piano so if it were just his arm I’d think it might be a carpal tunnel type issue. But it...
  2. haidut

    Glycine may prevent/treat diabetic neuropathy

    A very interesting study, which adds more evidence in favor of the recent hypothesis that glycine (just as taurine) is in fact an essential amino acid. Namely, despite our ability to synthesize glycine, as needed, from the truly essential amino acids, its absence in the diet leads to pathologies...
  3. S-VV

    Using Thyroid Despite Normal Temps?

    I have normal(ish) temps: 96.8F (36C) when waking up and 98.42F (36.9) after a few hours plus eating, and my heart rate is usually 80-90 bpm. Im dealing primarily with intractable whole body pain (neuropathic, osteoarthritic etc...) of CNS/nervous origen. I also have marked elevations of lactic...
  4. haidut

    Chronic Nerve Pain May Be Caused By Endotoxin, Commercial Food, And Pharma Drugs

    I posted a few threads last year demonstrating that some cases of chronic nerve pain may be caused by a side effects of opioids - activation of TLR4. However, that study only looked at why certain patients using opioids for severe pain go on to develop chronic pain of phantom origin. As such...
  5. haidut

    Fibromyalgia May Be Simply A Sign Of Insulin Resistance

    As many of your have seen on TV, there is currently a boom in ads for drigs to treat fibromyalgia. This condition is yet another one of mysterious origins, at least according to mainstream medicine. The treatment consists mainly of GABA agonists like Lyrica but the official version is (of...
  6. haidut

    5α-Dihydroprogesterone (5α-DHP) - Potent Role In Neurodegenerative Conditions

    While researching saturated steroids and their effects on the brain, I noticed a number of highly promosing studies demonstrating benefit of such steroid for a variety of neurodegenerative conditions such as MS, ALS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc. Ray has written extensively on the topic of...
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