1. haidut

    Stem cells availability, and their differentiation, depend on metabolism

    Once again, the master controller role metabolism plays in human life is revealed in yet another experiment. The study below demonstrated that the degree of cell "stemness", as well as its differentiation into a specific organ/tissue depends entirely on the metabolic rate of the cell, and thus...
  2. haidut

    DHT May Be Vital For The Morphogenesis Of Organism(s)

    As many forum users know, the potent androgen DHT is one of the most vilified endogenous substances produced by the human body, second only to cholesterol. Aside from verbal vitriol published in mainstream scientific journals, this attitude of medicine towards DHT can also be estimated from the...
  3. haidut

    The return of morphogenesis in medicine

    Ray has written quite a bit about biological fields (as opposed to mechanical / genetic dogmas) and their relevance to human health and disease. I have been noticing quite a few new studies popping up in the last few years, but these two caught the attention of the general public and are now...
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