1. Sitaruîm

    Drip Coffee Machine Filters

    Hi All, Most of the coffee I ever make for myself I do with an espresso machine. We have a drip coffee machine at home which we used recently and the coffee was much tastier in my opinion, and this was using the same beans. I wanted to ask everyone about the safety of the filters these...
  2. Mauritio

    Billions of nanoplastics released when microwaving baby food containers + kills kidney cells

    This study found that microwaving babyfood in plastic containers released huge amounts of nanoplastic, 1000 times more than microplastic particles. This way babies had the highest consumption of nanoplastic of all ages (adjusted to their size). Microwaving anything in plastic seems like a really...
  3. Mauritio

    Microplastics stick around in human airways + interact with heavy metals

    The main takeaway for me was that we inhale the equivalent of a credit card of microplastic - per week. Isnt that crazy? I was aware of the amount, but I thought it was mostly due to foods, bills and drinks. But it's just from the air. "...humans might inhale about 16.2 bits of microplastic...
  4. miquelangeles

    Majority of French bottled water brands contaminated by microplastics

    A French study published this week shows that 78 percent of bottled mineral water analyzed contains microplastics. The organization Agir pour l'environnement is calling for a ban on plastic bottles within five years. The results of a study called "We drink plastic" (Nous buvons du plastique)...
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