1. JamesGatz

    What is stopping people from re-growing entire limbs ? Our organ tissue can re-grow and Deer and Lizards can re-grow lost bones as well

    What exactly is stopping people from re-growing entire limbs - it seems like we should be able to in good health ... View: Soon after the wound has been sealed by a blood clot, however, salamanders...
  2. haidut

    Humans Have A 'salamander-like' Ability To Regrow Cartilage

    The title says it all, but the study authors make the unfortunate/handicapped conclusion that while we may very well be able to regrow cartilage, we cannot regrow limbs. Well, multiple animal studies I posted in the last beg to disagree and point to both high metabolism and progesterone as...
  3. haidut

    High Metabolism And/Or Progesterone Can Regrow Amputated Limbs

    Another great example of "synchronicity" (Synchronicity - Wikipedia) happened today. Two separate but related studies, with similar organisms, popped up today in my mailbox. One of them (at UCDavis) shows that the redox status in favor of oxidation, and thus high reactive oxygen species (ROS)...