hydrogen sulfide

  1. J

    Sulfur in Black Seed oil.

    Anyone know if there are any sulfur molecules in Black seed oil? I've gotten contradicting information from different companies. I'm searching for some clarity. Thank you!
  2. J

    Dmannose and Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO

    Anyone know if this is safe for H2S sibo? I have a UTI. I read that Hydrogen sulfide only has affinity for anything sulfur. So I assume this is safe short term?
  3. beeohbeebeewhy

    Borderline Hypothyroid, Histamine Intolerance? Leaky Gut? Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO?? Need Help

    Background/Intro: Hey guys I'm new to the forum and to most of Peat's ideas, I was Keto/Paleo with elements of Primal (raw eggs/raw dairy) until I stopped being able to tolerate raw milk/yogurt, the only dairy I have now is raw butter, I've been having some health issues recently on top of the...
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