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  1. cs3000

    ECGC (green tea extract) toxicity & copper relationship

    Small amounts of these compounds act as positive eustressors, not toxic enough to do damage but enough to activate protective mechanisms that gives outweighing benefits. but best to be mindful of good doses for flavanols polyphenols catechins etc as too much can tip the balance into toxicity...
  2. Yonebayashian

    Peaty Tea Thread

    This thread is dedicated to researching and discussing making tea that is pro metabolic. Does anyone know any teas that are low fluoride? Is all black and green tea off the table? If these teas inevitably have flouride what methods can be utilized to reduce flouride? What about chamomile or...
  3. haidut

    Green Tea, Fluoride Reduce Thyroid Function By As Much As 50%

    Ray has written that green tea is also quite estrogenic, so I am not surprised to see this effect. Fluoride is apparently also a well-known thyroid inhibitor as stated by the scientists. If this is well known then why do we have fluoride in the tap water?!? Also, caffeine, as expected, did not...
  4. L

    Green tea reduces estrogen
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