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gilbert ling

  1. EnergeticLeo

    Thoughts on unboiling eggs, urea, protein, gels, and health.

    I made these connections a few days ago and these are some of the things I wrote up. It seems like the process of unboiling an egg with urea, is extremely relevant to improving the health of our cells. I then came across Scientists unboil an egg - Peat relevance and found it cool that...
  2. Yonebayashian

    Bioenergetics Book Club

    https://discord.gg/RzDT7PmcQj Hi I'm currently self studying bioenergetics, physiology, and nutrition. On this forum I know many of you are doing the same, so I'm starting a discord server for those interested in doing it as a collaborative group effort. Selfishly; I'm doing this because I...
  3. Travis

    Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Attracts Potassium⁈

    A definitive account of the membrane 'pump' idea has been published by Gilbert Ling. Ling, Gilbert. "History of the membrane (pump) theory of the living cell from its beginning in mid-19th century to its disproof 45 years ago--though still taught worldwide today as established truth."...
  4. haidut

    In Defense Of Gilbert Ling - Ion Pumps Not Needed To Explain Cell Physiology

    The purported existence of pumps is the official reason why Gilbert Ling's AI hypothesis was removed from Wikipedia. I posted a few days ago about the "newly" discovered role of ATP as a protein hydrotrope and co-solvent - something Ling postulated back in the 1950s. Gilbert Ling's Theory...
  5. haidut

    Gilbert Ling's Theory Confirmed - ATP Required For Protein Solubility & Aggregation Control

    As some of you know, the Wikipedia article on Gilbert Ling's AI hypothesis was removed due to being too "alternative" and not accepted as valid by the scientific "consensus". In the mainstream biochemical view, ATP is nothing but an energy currency for cells and has no role in maintaining...