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  1. F

    Bones from conventionally reared animals

    I am able to obtain a lot of bones from a local butcher but more than likely these bones will be from conventionally raised cows and not fully grass fed. Thankfully the agricultural practices in my country are quite good so the cows will likely be out in the grass most of the year but are...
  2. JamesGatz

    Best US states for becoming self-sustainable/a small farmer (need to move ASAP)

    I have spent nearly my entire life (with my family) living in NY and it was never perfect but recently I have found it to be completely unbearable. This weekend I took the train for the first time in a while and all I saw were wall-mounted TV'S on the train carts and stations with "Get boosted...
  3. mayku-T-meelo

    Seeds - Tips and Experience, Raising Plants, Any Farmers Around Here?

    Hello, for I guess obvious reasons on this forum, I think most of us has a certain negative attitude toward seeds as a food resource. But I would want to turn to their, I suppose, functional, or more appropriately, meaningful goal in nature. I would want to learn more about conditions and...
  4. bistecca

    Geology, Soil, Ecosystems And Metabolic Health

    I'm going to apologize in advance for the rambling and incoherent sort of nature of this post. I've been interested in health for a good long while now, and reading ray's blog and this forum has inspired in me the same kind of multi-discipline interconnected thinking that he demonstrates...