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  1. xeliex

    Groin eczema - before and after photo

    Immediately post Lidocaine cream 4%. Had been there for years. Applying few times a day on one side only. Will report if significant improvements noted.
  2. noqcks

    The Eczema Thread

    I wanted to start a thread of things that have helped your eczema. I used to have eczema every winter. I tried some pregnenolone and progesterone last winter and it went away quite quickly. I thought perhaps this was just luck since I tried it around the time winter was ending and I was...
  3. UG Krishnamurti

    Doxycycline impairs oxidative metabolism and causes eczema and bad skin

    So I've fixed my eczema for the past 4 months by eating Ray's way and more importantly adding VIT K + D - which was the main culprit of getting rid of ezcema first time since my 20's. I've been eczema free up until 7 days ago when I started experimenting with doxycycline: 1 day: 300mg doxy 2...
  4. haidut

    High Maternal Intake Of Niacinamide (B3) Lowers Risk Of Eczema In Children

    The link between low NAD levels and skin conditions is well-known in metabolic research circles. The same link exists for autoimmune and other estrogen-driven conditions such as MS, Lupus, RA, diabetes, etc. The official medial position states that vitamin B3 has no effect on any of these...