1. G

    Curcumin As An MAOI

    I've been researching curcumin a bit recently and with a couple issues I'm dealing with regarding inflammation (sarcoidosis and tendinitis and tendinosis in multiple places) I believe this could be very therapeutic. My blood pressure runs a little higher than optimal as well. But, my concern...
  2. P

    LRP5 Controls Bone Formation By Inhibiting Serotonin Synthesis In The Duodenum

    LRP5 - Wikipedia im so interest to find any info on how increase Lrp5(it strongly inhibit gut serotonin release) , only thing i found that upregulates the synthesis of it is vitamin D, and also Cholesterol. but who knows, maybe serotonin lowering effect of salt works through this pathway...
  3. J

    Curcumin NO Scavenger

    I believe that Peat is not in favor of polyphenols in general, and I think I've read some unfavorable comments from Peat regarding curcumin, though I don't have the references on hand. Still, curcumin, particularly in the form of turmeric, has a long history of medicinal use as an...
  4. haidut

    Curcumin (curry) Is Serotonergic

    Here is one study but there are many more like it. I picked this one since it seemed to do the most thorough comparison of curcumin with the effects of some SSRI drugs, and as you can see they were pretty similar: In addition, ginger and curcumin are...