1. haidut

    Colonoscopies worse than useless - no cancer death reduction, high risk of side effects

    Yet another medical procedure touted as one of the pillars in the long-lost "War on Cancer", has turned out to be a dud. I did a post on a study several years ago demonstrating that taking a daily aspirin likely outweighs the benefits of colonoscopies while also having a much more acceptable...
  2. pauljacob

    Insulin Given After Colonoscopy

    Two days ago my brother went for a colonoscopy (he's 65), and after the procedure they gave him insulin because his blood sugar went up to 400. Yesterday they wanted to give him another shot of insulin but he refused and they told him they can't release him unless he takes the shot. Are two...
  3. Grapelander

    Colonoscopy’s Are Lethal And Do NOT Detect Cancer

    Colonoscopy’s Are Lethal and Do NOT Detect Cancer Dr. Kelley: Every year, over 14 million perfectly healthy individuals age 50 and up, submit themselves to this invasive procedure, hoping to detect Colorectal cancer. According to The Annals of Internal Medicine’s report on colonoscopies, an...
  4. Dan W

    KMUD: 1-20-17 The Precautionary Principle (Part 1)

    Direct MP3 link | Podcast setup This one was a mix of higher-level discussion with specific caller questions. The additional topics include: high doses of progesterone and thyroid, male pattern baldness, herniated discs, routine colonoscopies, and skin pigment. It cuts off a bit abruptly at...
  5. haidut

    Aspirin Can Fully Replace Your Annual Colonoscopy

    Annual colonoscopies are becoming the norm for people over 50, and especially ones with previously extracted polyps. The colonoscopies are used to examine the health of the colonic wall, look for polyps, remove polyps if any are found, and sometimes even perform ablation procedures if there is a...
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