1. haidut

    Low-dose aspirin may prevent most dementias (even Alzheimer's)

    Over the last couple of months, a few studies came out arguing (again) that aspirin is not worth the risk and that people should stop taking it. It seems that Big Pharma has a schedule of pumping propaganda out every year or so against the main "threats" to its dominance - aspirin, vitamin D...
  2. haidut

    Allopregnanolone found safe, may slow brain atrophy from Alzheimer's

    A great new study, which is one of the very few to examine the safety and effectiveness of allopregnanolone in humans. The trial was conducted in patients with Alzheimer Disease (AD) and aimed to establish the safety of various doses of once-weekly allopregnanolone administration, as well as any...
  3. haidut

    Blocking endotoxin may reverse cognitive decline of aging

    Another study implicating endotoxin (LPS) and its associated receptor (TLR4) in a phenotype of aging considered "normal" by mainstream medicine, though it almost universally progresses into dementia territory with advancing age, to the point where 90%+ of people over 85 have at least moderate...
  4. A

    Decreased cognitive function caused by spike protein exposure? Prions

    If one has had covid 18months ago and Is struggling with cognitive decline such as forgetting people’s names who are known and struggling with brain fog, Would it be wise to consider the risk for prions disease from the spike protein exposure if so what are some ways to mitigate damage or...
  5. haidut

    Drinking Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy May Lower IQ (in Sons)

    Another study (the most comprehensive to date) that finds a strong link between pre-natal exposure to fluoride in drinking water and lower intelligence in the offspring. As the article aptly notes, the benefits of fluoride were never proven before it was introduced in drinking water throughout...