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  1. L

    Because I love You - end times prophecy

    View: https://youtu.be/G0q8vYzLno4
  2. 3

    Time is literally speeding up.

    I personally noticed that around the year 2020, it had became increasingly more difficult to get numerous things done in one day. I never considered that time could’ve been moving faster, until I randomly came across this YouTuber talking about it. Here's a playlist on it: View...
  3. Yonebayashian

    Peaty Celibacy

    Health and functioning libido go hand in hand, but as an unmarried Orthodox Christian I maintain a celibate lifestyle. I want to optimize my health as much as possible without having to suffer intense distraction from sexual urges. Hypothetically speaking if you were to try and accomplish this...
  4. Guille Yacante

    My Contribution To The Forum

    Hello, I think it would be right to say that most of us are in this forum because we want to be the best version of ourselves, have the best health possible and gather a lot of knowledge about the true way to wellness. Well, my contribution is not going to be precisely medical, or about a...
  5. Inaut

    Orthodoxy And The Religion Of The Future

    Mainly for those interested in Christianity and it’s battle with the Occult/New Age religion that we are being indoctrinated into (opinion of mine as a disclaimer). Not looking to have a religious/spiritual debate on what’s true/false but I recently read this book by an Orthodox Father named...