calcium channel

  1. TruffleGnocchi

    Video explaining potential testosterone increasing mechanism of Tadalafil, with visuals

    Tadalafil: Erectile Dysfunction Cure? Testosterone Booster? Non-Responders? [Study 147-154 Analysis] View: Interesting video explaining the actual mechanisms of Tadalafil, Nitric Oxide inhibiting Calcium uptake of cells and accelerated Potassium...
  2. raypeatclips

    Calcium Channel Blockade By Magnesium Chloride On Memory. Dementia

    I don't fully understand this one myself, it looks interesting though and have seen calcium channel blockers mentioned before on here. The study concludes that this should be considered when designing treatment for dementia and other memoryproblems. Sex- and dose-dependent effects of post-trial...
  3. haidut

    Androgens (androsterone/DHEA/T) Are Calcium Channel Blockers / Antagonists

    The study found that all tested androgens, as well as progesterone were calcium channel blockers and 5b-DHT was the most potent. Androsterons was next, and it was equipotent to DHEA and testosterone. While the dose used in the study was high, the authors believe that the same effects may be...
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