Calcium Channel Blockade By Magnesium Chloride On Memory. Dementia


Jul 8, 2016
I don't fully understand this one myself, it looks interesting though and have seen calcium channel blockers mentioned before on here. The study concludes that this should be considered when designing treatment for dementia and other memoryproblems.

Sex- and dose-dependent effects of post-trial calcium channel blockade by magnesium chloride on memory for inhibitory avoidance conditioning - ScienceDirect

Sex- and dose-dependent effects of post-trial calcium channel blockade by magnesium chloride on memory for inhibitory avoidance conditioning
Lynda A. Wilmott. Lucien T. Thompson.
The University of Texas at Dallas, Cognition & Neuroscience Program, School of Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 800 West Campbell Road, GR4.1, Richardson, TX 75080, USA
Sex- and dose-dependent effects of post-trial calcium channel blockade by magnesium chloride on memory for inhibitory avoidance conditioning - ScienceDirect

Memory for aversive inhibitory avoidance (IA) conditioning is affected by Ca2+ influx.

MgCl2 dose-dependently enhanced memory for inhibitory avoidance conditioning.

MgCl2 enhanced long-term memory at a lower dose in males than females."

"In our study, magnesium chloride dose-dependently enhanced memory compared to controls (significantly increased latency to enter a dark compartment previously paired with an aversive stimulus) when tested 48 h later as compared to controls. A leftward shift in the dose response curve for memory enhancement by magnesium chloride was observed for male compared to female rats. These findings provide further insights into calcium-dependent modulation of aversive memory, and should be considered when assessing the design of effective treatment options for both male and female patients with dementia or other memory problems."
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