1. TruffleGnocchi

    Does living in high altitude affect pathogens, inside and outside the body?

    I read that statistically, high altitude living is correlated with a decreased risk of cancer by 14% for each 1000 meters. And also lower risk of heart disease. Initial risk for people that have heart disease already and move up to higher altitudes when they are not adapted, but statistically...
  2. S

    Best Place To Live In USA

    Would anyone know what is the best city / state in the united states for peating? Considering mainly sun, heat and air quality?
  3. ddjd

    The Coronavirus Seems To Be Sparing Populations At High Altitudes

    When tourists from Mexico, China and Britain became the first covid-19 fatalities in Cusco, Peru, it seemed as if the onetime capital of the Inca Empire might be headed for a significant outbreak. Nestled in a picturesque Andean valley, the high-altitude city of 420,000 residents, the gateway...
  4. M

    Why Is High Altitude Negative For Emphysema?

    Dear all, yesterday I stumbled across the following Peat quote (from the E-mail advice depository): My question or concern is specifically about emphysema. Increasing the body's CO2 retention capabilities should help this condition and, in agreement, Buteyko practitioners claim that Buteyko...