1. Summer

    Torus Palatinus - need input on how to treat naturally

    I recently learned not everyone has this raised area on their hard palate. I've been trying to mew and I'm afraid this raised area will hinder the process. Some people are of the opinion that tooth grinding could be a cause of torus palatinus. This wouldn't shock me one bit given that I have...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    Green clay + apple cider vinegar hair & scalp mask - excellent results

    2 heaping tablespoons of any green clay mixed with 2 level tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar was just enough to cover my head of hair here: The result has been the most balanced that my hair has ever felt. Would recommend to anyone ?
  3. A

    Stomach Discomfort/pain And Headache Immediately After Drinking ACV

    I do not know why it happens. I use an organic one, it has no additive. About 25 mL ACV, diluted in a tea glass full of water. Does anybody know if whether drinking ACV is damaging to the esophagus or stomach?
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