1. haidut

    PUFA And Endotoxin (LPS) Inhibit Vitamin D And Thyroid Transport / Activity

    The "good" news for PUFA and endotoxin just keep on coming. I already posted a few studied showing that PUFA inhibits binding of androgens to their receptor and increases binding of estrogens to their receptor. This new study shows that PUFA and endotoxin inhibit the binding of vitamin D to...
  2. haidut

    Test For Estrogenic Activity And Prostate Cancer

    In addition to getting a test for prolactin as in indicator of estrogenic burden, this study makes a case for using the blood levels of estrone (E1) sulfate as a reliable indicator of global estrogenic activity. So, the next time you get some bloodwork you should ask for testing E1 in addition...