1. 3

    Accutane shrinking peoples noses. how does this work?

    ive seen some videos showing how young people taking accutane experience their nose cheek areas 'shrinking' and becoming more firm and youthful. prior to taking accutne they have a swollen / bulbous nose and the mid area of their is obviously greasy / has developed acne. i am aware of the...
  2. curious_anthro

    Another acne thread...are there any true success stories?

    Sorry for yet another thread on this but I wanted up to date feedback... also, I have talked about this on other threads but I wanted to focus specifically on acne here. I feel like this is one issue on the forum that I don't see many people reporting true healing from. Perhaps there are...
  3. J

    Why does my skin burn so easily, what's wrong with me?

    History of taking accutane and severely overdosing on high vitamin a foods like liver. Low vitamin a diet for several months now. My facial skin and the skin on my upper chest burn super easily. No one around me burns, except me. People always rave about cutting seed oils improving their...
  4. m_arch

    Accutane And Vitamin A: The Cycle - Tips Or Pointers

    As a teenager I underwent two rounds of Roaccutane (otherwise known as accutane or Isotretinoin), a synthetic form of vitamin A. Awhile ago I read online of a study mentioning the long term effects of accutane is increased vitamin A demand of the body - even after treatment, however I haven't...