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  1. M

    Ray's perspective on the pandemic

    This is from Ray's latest interview with Patrick Timpone. PT: So, can it be argued then that this whole corona thing, 18 months ago, was no more than just a normal, everyday, life when people get colds and they detox -- or whatever you want to call it, exosomes, viruses, call it what you want...
  2. JayDee

    2020.01.20 : Dr. Ray Peat On Cosmology & Transforming Society | Cooperation Paradigm

    Dr. Ray Peat on Cosmology & Transforming Society | Cooperation Paradigm (0h40) [questions edited for clarity and assumed meaning] GM: My name is Guillermo Martini and I welcome you to Cooperation Paradigm. Dr. Peat, in your opinion, is there a guiding intelligence in the evolution of a...