1. tastyfood

    Diagnosed with early maturation arrest: I can't make sperm. Any ideas?

    I had my testicles biopsied in 36 different regions (Fine Needle Aspiration), and the pathology results showed early maturation arrest in all sites. The process stops at the primary spermatocyte stage for me. I had a varicocele repair 8 months ago, but it hasn't helped yet. I have normal...
  2. tastyfood

    Which marker would you optimize for spermatogenesis: Prolactin, or Testosterone?

    I have azoospermia (no sperm in the ejaculate), and I have high prolactin, lower than optimal testosterone, and high pituitary hormones such as ACTH. I've been looking into ways to help my body produce more sperm, but there seems to always be a trade-off. My experiment with Exemestane made my...
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