1. mantq

    Dairy Mucus/Itchy Body

    Hey guys! I've noticed, that I'm having phlegm/mucus issues past few weeks (coincidentally increased my dairy intake much more). Sometimes at night, I also scratch my body especially arms, waking up with scratch marks on my biceps lol Perhaps the worst part is the mucus, I have to blow my nose...
  2. DDRB

    Heavy phlegm when I drink milk or fruit juice.

    Every time I drink fruit juice (especially citrus fruits), eat these fruits or drink milk, I have to quickly go to the sink to spit up large phlegm. It happens a few sips after another. Why? Is it a gastric acid problem or something like that?
  3. T

    Experts Needed On This Issue

    Hey there. I have been strolling the forums for a while now and I am very grateful for the help the community has given so far. I have finally come to the conclusion I need help with the following issue.. I have been a smoker for 4 years. I quit cold turkey because I developed chest pain while...
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