1. haidut

    Restoring Metabolism Prevents / Reverses "permanent" Nerve Damage

    Yet another study demonstrating the crucial role cellular metabolism plays in pathological processes. While most of my posts deal with beneficial effects of improving OXPHOS on various chronic diseases, the study below demonstrates that the same may be true in acute pathologies such as traumatic...
  2. Diokine

    Disruption Of Nerve Functioning Is A Necessary Factor In Progression Of Inflammatory Conditions

    Metabolism can be roughly viewed as a set of timed processes, with many dimensions between the degrees of timing. This is a fairly mechanistic view of what is happening, but will allow us to think about how disruptions in the timing can lead to changes in the system. Many different biological...
  3. haidut

    Finasteride Causes Physical Damage To Nerves, Depression, ED, Steroid Imbalance

    After a decade of denying that a thing such as PFS exists, mainstream medicine seems to be wisening up to the fact that this poison does a lot more than lower the "bad" DHT. Up until very recently, it was common to simply measure blood steroid levels and then declare that they had rebounded upon...
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