1. D

    Can you get increasingly nauseous from using Progest-E over several months?

    My GF has taken progest E for about 3-4 months. Starting from about a month ago, she has started to become nauseous from taking it. If she takes her daily 3x3 drops too close to each other, or she takes it without having eaten anything in the morning. This didnt happen before. 2 days ago she got...
  2. teds

    Post covid nausea

    Hello to those who have had covid and had ongoing nausea- any tips on resolving this? A bit of belching too!! Thanks brain’s trust
  3. jpgio

    Coconut oil causes me intestinal distress

    Coconut oil causes me intestinal distress and discomfort. I believe I am allergic to it and the affect is more pronounced the more of it I consume. Pretty unfortunate I have cooked it it for a while and I think it is the main cause of my digestive issues.I didn’t notice until that was the direct...
  4. jpgio

    Why does coconut oil only upset my stomach past a certain amount?

    I regularly cook my food in coconut oil but if I use too much I get an upset stomach. I know this happens to others but would like to know what causes this. It is nutiva refined coconut oil which I believe is refined with steam. Is this because of a bacterial die-off or just difficulty digesting...
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