1. alywest

    Losartan As Anti-coagulant, Possible Explanation For Success In COVID Patients?

    I came across this study in relation to losartan as being a deterrent of platelet aggregation. In light of the latest revelations by doctors that younger people are dying of stroke and heart attack even when symptoms of covid-19 are not severe, perhaps this aspect of losartan that has not been...
  2. theLaw

    Ray Peat Interview 03/30/2020 - COVID-19, Losartan, Sugar, Methylene Blue & More, Q&A - Dr Ray Peat

  3. ecstatichamster

    Post Here If You Tried Losartan For Flu Covid-19 Etc

  4. ecstatichamster

    Dr. Peat Right Again: Losartan And Covid-19 Evidence For Efficacy

    The Coronavirus Conundrum: ACE2 and Hypertension Edition — NephJC I was struck by the fact that MOST Italians who died seemed to have hypertension as a co-morbidity. Meaning they were taking medication, probably an ACE inhibitor like Lisinopril. But perhaps, Dr. Peat is suggesting that ARB2...